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Tracheostomy Education solicits articles related to tracheostomy and laryngectomy education including tracheostomy care, mechanical ventilation, perspectives from clinicians, patients or caregivers. The articles should provide information to help with the mission to improve the safety, care and quality of life of those with tracheostomy and laryngectomy.


Tracheostomy Education receives articles from the professional community to develop and maintain the content on the site. If you are a clinician such as a physician, nurse practitioner, nurse, respiratory care practitioner, speech-language pathologist, or other clinician anywhere in the world, working closely with patients with tracheostomy, you are invited to submit an article for Tracheostomy Education.


Before writing/submitting the article, the article topic must be approved.


Article Guidelines:


  1. Articles must be original, with no plagiarism, and properly annotated as necessary.
  2. Any images or diagrams must be your own creations, unless they are in the public domain. Submit any images in jpg or png.
  3. Articles should be submitted in Word or Text format. No PDFs.
  4. While you retain the rights to your article, you must agree to allow it to be distributed freely on the internet for educational use.
  5. All articles will be edited for content, accuracy, and grammar/spelling. You will be given the opportunity to approve the final version before it is published on Tracheostomy Education.
  6. There is no payment for articles at this time. Tracheostomy Education is 100% run, edited, and written by volunteers. We have no paid staff and receive no advertising income of any kind.
  7. Not all material submitted will be published. Tracheostomy Education reserves the right to refuse any article for any reason.
  8. Article length can vary. We strive to provide detailed information. Most articles that are accepted are between 1,000-4,500 words.

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