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Tracheostomy Articles and Perspectives

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Subglottic sucitoning

Subglottic Suctioning: Benefits, Covid-19 and Manual versus Automatic

Subglottic suctioning can significantly reduce secretions above the cuff to reduce the risk of microaspiration and potential aspiration pneumonia. It can reduce costs and improve patient quality of life.

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tracheal stenosis

Tracheal Stenosis and Intubation or Tracheostomy

Tracheal stenosis can occur for various reasons and result in a tracheostomy tube. It can also result from the tracheostomy tube procedure or from complications of the cuff.

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Peg Tube

Tracheostomy and Feeding Tubes

Tracheostomy and feeding tubes are often placed concurrently.

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trach baby

Global Tracheostomy Tube Awareness Week

Tracheostomy Tube Awareness Week is a campaign to spread awareness and education about tracheostomy.

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speech therapy for tracheostomy

Speech Therapy for Kids with Trachs

Children with tracheostomy may have difficulty producing voicing. Here are speech therapy techniques and tools to help improve speech, voicing and airflow through the upper airway.

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laryngectomy hme cornavirus

Laryngectomy and Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

It is important for individuals with laryngectomy to protect themselves from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

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corona virus tracheostomy

COVID-19 Tracheostomy and Mechanical Ventilation: Updated 9/22/2020

The 2019 novel corona virus COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an increase in patients intubated and use of mechanical ventilation. The United States and globally, we are likely to see an increase in tracheostomy as well, as patients may have difficulty weaning and require longer periods of time on a vent. COVID-19 also has implications for healthcare workers, as there are shortages with workers becoming ill from the virus. Infection control is paramount in controlling the outbreak and protecting patients, healthcare workers and the community

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Inhalation and exhalation with tracheostomy

Is Tracheostomy Permanent?

Whether the tracheostomy is permanent or temporary depends on the initial indication for tracheostomy. Sometimes during placement, it is difficult to predict the amount of time one will require a tracheostomy tube.

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Tracheostomy Education

Tracheostomy Tube Sizes and Comparison Tool

Tracheostomy Sizes and Comparison Tool Compare different tracheostomy tube sizes for inner diameter, outer diameter, length and cuff NOTE: All Portex, Bivona, Uniperc, Tracoe, and …

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cuffed versus cuffless tracheostomy tube

Cuffed versus Cuffless Tracheostomy Tubes

Cuffed versus cuffless tracheostomy. Explains the purpose of a cuffed tracheostomy and when to deflate the cuff or switch to a cuffless tracheostomy tube.

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infection tracheostomy

Preventing Infections in Patients with Tracheostomy

All healthcare workers and individuals caring for those with tracheostomy should understand methods of preventing and controlling the transmission of infection.

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Screen Shot 2019 06 12 at 9.16.08 PM

Tracheostomy Tube Cuff Management

Complications can occur if the tracheostomy tube cuff is not managed properly. Ensure proper cuff inflation by measuring cuff pressures with cuff manometry.

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Early Mobilization

Early mobilization is an important part of the rehabilitation process for individuals with tracheostomy in order to strengthen the patient and mobilize secretions.

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cough techniques

Cough Techniques for Tracheostomy

Cough techniques can aid with secretion removal and eventual decannulation.

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respiratory muscle strength training tracheostomy

Respiratory Muscle Strength Training

Respiratory muscle strength training can be beneficial for patients with tracheostomy and mechanical ventilation to improve cough, swallowing and vent weaning.

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IMG 9141 2

Cuff Deflation

Deflating the cuff of the tracheostomy tube has many benefits, but must be done with caution.

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Tracheostomy Tube Changes

Although tracheostomy tube changes are relatively simple and easy procedures, it should only be changed by someone who is trained and competent to do so.

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tracheostomy mask

Humidification and Hydration for Tracheostomy and/or Mechanical Ventilation

A tracheostomy tube bypasses the natural humidification and filtration system. Learn about active and passive humidification.

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Stoma care

Stoma Care

Stoma care is an important part of the standard of care for individuals with a tracheostomy to reduce the potential of infection.

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AdobeStock 2240595 1

Emergency Equipment for Individuals with Tracheostomy

Be prepared with emergency and basic equipment to prevent adverse events.

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tracheal suctioning

Suctioning | Tracheostomy Education

Suctioning is a standard of care to remove secretions from the airway for safety, patient comfort and infection control.

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inner cannula of a tracheostomy tube

Cleaning and Replacing the Inner Cannula

Cleaning and removal of the inner cannula of the tracheostomy tube can prevent tube obstruction and potential emergencies.

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normal swallowing

Normal Swallowing

It is important to understand normal swallowing in order to determine disorder and the difference in physiology for swallowing with a tracheostomy.

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ventilator application of speaking valve

Ventilator Application of Speaking Valves

Assessment, trouble-shooting and advanced placement techniques of a speaking valve in-line with mechanical ventilation.

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Passy-Muir Speaking Valves

Speaking Valves

Review the different types of speaking valves and benefits for those with tracheostomy and mechanical ventilation: Passy-Muir, Shiley, Shikani, and Montgomery.

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