Tracheostomy Essentials: Communication

Tracheostomy Communication Articles and Perspectives

Passy-Muir Speaking Valves

Speaking Valves

Review the different types of speaking valves and benefits for those with tracheostomy and mechanical ventilation: Passy-Muir, Shiley, Shikani, and Montgomery.

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Communication Tracheostomy

ALS and Tracheostomy

The decision for tracheostomy placement for a person with ALS is personal. Find out information on timing of tracheostomy, swallowing management and communication specific for ALS.

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Blom Tracheostomy Speech Cannula

Blom Tracheostomy Tube System

The Blom Tracheostomy Tube System (Pulmodyne) is a specialized tracheostomy tube which can allow adults to vocalize either with the cuff inflated or deflated.  This

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