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clinical information and resources on tracheostomy and mechanical ventilation essential for health care professionals

Tracheostomy Care

Tracheostomy Tube Cuff Management

Complications can occur if the tracheostomy tube cuff is not managed properly. Ensure proper cuff inflation by measuring cuff pressures with cuff manometry.

Mechanical Ventilation

Early Mobilization

Early mobilization is an important part of the rehabilitation process for individuals with tracheostomy in order to strengthen the patient and mobilize secretions.

Expiratory Muscle Strength Training

For secretion management issues, expiratory muscle strength training (EMST) has been shown to improve cough strength and swallowing.

secretion management

Cuff Deflation

Deflating the cuff of the tracheostomy tube has many benefits, but must be done with caution.

Tracheostomy Care

Tracheostomy Tube Changes

Although tracheostomy tube changes are relatively simple and easy procedures, it should only be changed by someone who is trained and competent to do so.

secretion management

Humidification and Hydration

A tracheostomy tube bypasses the natural humidification and filtration system. Learn about active and passive humidification.

Stoma care
Tracheostomy Care

Stoma Care

Stoma care is an important part of the standard of care for individuals with a tracheostomy to reduce the potential of infection.

Tracheostomy Care

Emergency Equipment

Be prepared with emergency and basic equipment to prevent adverse events.

secretion management


Suctioning is a standard of care to remove secretions from the airway for safety, patient comfort and infection control.

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