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    Mechanical Ventilation Webinar: Beginners Guide

    The Mechanical Ventilation Webinar is an hour, 15min recorded course which will help the learner to understand the role of mechanical ventilation, the settings involved with setting up mechanical ventilation and different modes of mechanical ventilation with graphs and a whiteboard for better understanding. The instructor will explain the relationship between compliance and resistance and provide information on different pressures related to mechanical ventilation regarding lung mechanics (PIP, pleateu pressure, transpulmonary pressures, mean airway pressures). Common ventilator alarms and how to set them and basic weaning from mechanical ventilation will be discussed.  The mechanical ventilation webinar course is intended for clinicians working with patients with mechanical ventilation including respiratory therapists, physician assistants,  nurse practitioners, and nursing staff.  Speech-language pathologists may be interested in grasping ventilator information for a whole person approach.

    Instructor: Terrence Sheffield, RRT-ACCS, RPFT, NPS, AE-C

    Application for continuing education credit has been made to AARC for 1 CRCE.

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