Laryngectomy Webinar: From Post-Op to Discharge

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Laryngectomy Webinar: Post Op to Discharge Webinar is a one hour recorded webinar which provides information on how to care for patients with laryngectomy immediately post-op including pulmonary health, humidification needs, stoma care, suctioning, and communication.  The instructor also discusses the difference between laryngectomy and tracheostomy so as not to confuse the two in clinical practice, which can be devastating for the patient.  Education and knowledge about appropriate care for patients following laryngectomy is required in order to provide optimal outcomes for these patients. This course is available for 0.1 ASHA CEUs.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Define laryngectomy and identify at least 3 indications for laryngectomy
  • Describe 3 communication methods post-laryngectomy
  • Describe the purpose, use and care of Lary Tubes
  • Discuss methods of administration of aerosolized medications via the stoma
  • Discuss emergency airway management post-laryngectomy

Presenter: Mona Lisa Baxter BA, RRT, RRT-ACCS

Mona is an Adult Critical Care Respiratory Therapist with extensive background in teaching and presenting respiratory topics, currently contracting with Legacy Mt. Hood Hospital in Graham Oregan.

Disclosures: Financial: Received a speaker fee for this presentation by Tracheostomy education. Emplyed with Lecacy Mt. Hood Hospital.

Non-financial- No known non-financial disclosures.

Course format: Video Powerpoint with author narration

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