Tracheostomy Manikin for Tracheostomy Education

tracheostomy manikin

A tracheostomy manikin can be used for a simulation experience in order to train clinicians, patients and families on tracheostomy management and care.  There are a few types of tracheostomy manikin’s on the market.  The Tracheostomy Trainer Manikin has unique benefits for tracheostomy education. 


Tracheostomy Manikin Advantages

There are many advantages of The Tracheostomy Trainer device.  The materials are durable and the transparent trachea/stoma allows for visualization of the airway.  This allows for education of the anatomy and altered airflow during tracheostomy tube placement.  Any size or brand of tracheostomy tube can fit into the trachea.  We can compare sizes and different types of tracheostomy tubes to show airflow and cuff pressure changes with different size tracheostomy tubes. 

This tracheostomy manikin also includes the following anatomical features- epiglottis, vocal folds (which can be intubated), transparent trachea, tracheostomy stoma, bronchial bifurcation, and functional inflatable lungs.  The device is also light weight and can be transported easily. 

Tracheostomy Manikin Clinican Scenarios

Clinical scenarios can be provided through the tracheostomy manikin such as the following:

  • Education of the tracheostomy cuff inflated and deflated whereby the cuff can be seen through the transparent stoma for ease of learning.  
  • Practice changing the tracheostomy tube 
  • Replacing the nondisposable inner cannula.   
  • A speaking valve can be placed after cuff deflation and there is an auditory cue indicating that the valve is appropriately placed.  
  • Subglottic secretion aspiration can be shown by placing very small amounts of liquid on top of the cuff and aspirating the secretions above the cuff.  
  • Changing tracheostomy tube securement devices to prevent accident decannulation.  
  • Stoma care is another important piece of tracheostomy care and can easily be performed on the Tracheostomy Manikin. 
  • The lungs can also function to either replicate spontaneous breathing or inflate with positive pressure ventilation.  Different clinical scenarios can be shown with positive pressure ventilation and ventilator alarm management

Tracheostomy Manikin Discharge Training

This tracheostomy manikin is also ideal for teaching patients and caregivers the tracheostomy skills that they will need to perform at home. Having a tracheostomy can be frightening for patients and families.  Practicing on the tracheostomy manikin can help to ease the transition to self care.  Patients with tracheostomy are also medically fragile and it is therefore important for caregivers to be prepared for tracheostomy care and tracheostomy emergencies. Competency can be performed on the tracheostomy manikin after appropriate return demonstration.  Pre and post testing can be performed in order to determine improvement. 

Adult and Pediatric Trachea

The Tracheostomy Manikin has a choice of an adult or pediatric trachea.  The size of the adult trachea is 24mm and the pediatric trachea is 12mm to correlate with real life sizing.  Other models would require another manikin for education.  Here you can simply switch the trachea. 



Tracheostomy Manikin is made by clinicians in healthcare for clinicians to improve patient safety and the quality of care delivered to patients with tracheostomy.  Various clinical scenarios can provide the health care provider with confidence in proper tracheostomy management.  The tracheostomy manikin is useful for many specialties for tracheostomy training including nurses, EMT, physicians, physician assistants, speech-language pathologists and respiratory therapists.  Tracheostomy simulation programs that use manikins have been shown to reduce complications, morbidity, and morality, and improve skills for real-life medical scenarios.

Tracheostomy Education is the exclusive distributer for this tracheostomy manikin trainer and can be purchased at our store. 

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