Basic Tracheostomy Care Webinar: Home Edition




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Basic Tracheostomy Care Webinar: Home Edition Webinar is a 1 hour recorded webinar which provids information about performing tracheostomy care for adult patients in the home environment. Learn about suctioning, inner cannulas (disposable vs non-disposable and how to clean), cuff management, humidification and communication with the interdisciplinary team.  Videos are used to aide in learner comprehension of tracheostomy care.  A free sample interdisciplinary communication form will be provided as well as home care guideline samples.

Webinar objectives:

  • Identify the indications for and complications of a tracheostomy
  • Note the differences and limitations of tracheostomy care at home versus acute care
  • Demonstrate how to perform trach care (inner cannula changes, site care, cuff management, suctioning)
  • Identify the steps for tracheostomy tube changes
  • Discuss patient/family education for humidification, oxygen, nebulizers, and mechanical ventilation with trachs.



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