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The Clearview Tracheostomy Trainer comes with a free clinical scenario download  to help with education of clinical staff or students.   Training can include cuff maintenance, stoma care, suctioning, dressing changes, tracheostomy tube changes, and mechanical ventilation scenarios.

The materials are durable, and the transparent trachea/stoma is unique in that it allows for visualization of the airway.  This allows for education of the anatomy and altered airflow with tracheostomy tube placement.  Demonstrate any size or brand of tracheostomy tube.

Choose between an adult or pediatric trachea, which differ in size to provide more realistic education.  Other models would require purchasing another manikin.  If you are in need of educating for both adult and pediatric populations, you can simply purchase an additional trachea of your choice.

The Tracheostomy Trainer is a practical tool for demonstrating the functional interaction between the endotracheal tube or tracheostomy tube, cuff, vocal cords, trachea, tracheostomy stoma, and lungs. The lungs will expand with positive pressure ventilation or manually squeezed to demonstrate spontaneous breathing.  With the voice box in place, manual compression of the lungs will trigger an auditory cue to simulate vocalization when the cuff (if present) is deflated and can be used to demonstrate speaking valve use.

Clearview Tracheostomy Trainer is made by clinicians in healthcare for clinicians to improve patient safety and the quality of care delivered to patients with tracheostomy.  Various clinical scenarios can provide the health care provider with confidence in proper tracheostomy management. Simulation devices such as this have been shown to reduce adverse events and save lives.

Tracheostomy tube is not included.


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  1. lisa-pastoreslp

    The best manikin for tracheostomy education! We use this at our hospital to educate our nurses and staff on suctioning, basic mechanical ventilation, trach changes and emergencies.

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