Tracheostomy Tube with Speaking Valve Add-On




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Set of 3 Tracheostomy Tubes with Speaking Valve laminated can be used with the Animal Face Cut-Outs (sold seperately).  These are cute to reduce frustration in putting on and taking off a speaking valve.

Speaking valves are one way valves that are placed at the end of a tracheostomy tube to allow an individual with tracheostomy to speak.  Inhaled air flows in through the tracheostomy tube.  Exhaled air can then be redirected around the tracheostomy, through the upper airway and out the nose and mouth.  This allows air to go through the vocal folds for speech.

The laminated Tracheostomy Tube with Speaking Valve comes with reusable adhesive glue dots that can be attached to the different Animal Face Cut Outs.

Bundle and save with the Animal Face and Tracheostomy Tube Bundle. 



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