Tracheostomy Training In-Person MasterClass 2024




The Tracheostomy Education In-Person MasterClass course date is Saturday, February 24th, 2024!

Location:  NYC Seminar and Conference Center

114 West 26th Street between 6th and 7th

The Tracheostomy Education In-Person MasterClass helps to improve your assessment and treatments for patients with tracheostomy and mechanical ventilation.  In this unique experience, you will get hands on training to improve your care of patients with tracheostomy. Learn about anatomy/physiology, indications for trachs, different types of tracheostomy tubes and which one is best suits your patient, cuff deflation techniques and patient candidacy, how to place speaking valves, mechanical ventilation, performing a swallow evaluation for patients with tracheostomy, treatment options, understanding equipment for these patients and much more!!


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