Feeding Management for Infants with a Tracheostomy Live Webinar April 17th at 7pmEST




Join us for a live webinar Feeding Management for Infants with Tracheostomy On April 17th, 2024 at 7pmEST.

In the neonatal patient population, the decision to place a tracheostomy is often based on the infant’s long-term medical needs but can have long-term implications for feeding, caregiver- child bonding, and the child’s speech and language development. This course reviews common diagnoses associated with tracheostomy placement in neonates, neonatal swallow anatomy and physiology, feeding and swallowing considerations for neonates with a tracheostomy, and strategies for facilitating the caregiver-child dyad.  


1. Learners will identify three common medical diagnoses necessitating tracheostomy placement in neonates.

2. Learners will describe the intricacies of neonatal swallow anatomy and physiology, understand normal swallowing coordination, and identify deviations common in neonates with tracheostomies.

3. Learners will describe feeding and swallowing considerations specific to neonates with tracheostomies, including challenges and strategies for effective management in this patient population.

4. Learners will summarize strategies and interventions aimed at fostering and enhancing the bond between caregivers and neonates with tracheostomies, considering the impact on bonding, communication, and overall developmental outcomes.

5. Learners will describe the integration of speaking valves into the holistic care plan for neonates with tracheostomies, emphasizing multidisciplinary collaboration and patient-centered approaches.

Course Presenter: Devan R Clark, MS, CCC-SLP, CNT (Certified Neonatal Therapist)


Financial Disclosures: Received a speaking fee from Tracheostomy Education. Receives salary from IntegrisHEALTH as a speech-language pathologist in the acute care physical medicine department. Receives salary from The University of Central Oklahoma as an adjunct instructor and clinical supervisor.Paid clinical consultant for the Passy-Muir Speaking and Swallowing Valve.

Nonfinancial Disclosures: No known non-financial disclosures

Course access:  via zoom link

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  • Full attendance for the duration of the webinar and completion of a self assessment

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Time Ordered Agenda:

5 min- introduction
5-15 minutes: Overview of neonatal tracheostomy
15-30: Feeding and swallowing considerations and challenges 
30-55: Interventions for swallowing, bonding and communication including speaking valves and team approach
55-60: Summary, Q and A

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