Children’s Tracheostomy Book Hardcover | Trachie-O-Potamus’s Big Race

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Children's Tracheostomy Book

Trachie o potamus
trachie o potamus


New Children’s Book for Kids with Tracheostomy!  The book is in stock and ready to ship!

Trachie-O-Potatmus’s Big Race is an adorable story about a hippopotamus who happens to have a tracheostomy to help with breathing.

Here is a review from Emily Janes Hills Orford from Reader’s Favorite:


“Timothy Runyon’s picture book story, Trachie-O-Potamus’s Big Race, is a touching story that addresses the issue of differences, only these differences are a result of a medical condition that not only affects how someone looks, but how they speak and do things as well. Using Trachie-O-Potamus as the main character, the author demonstrates the difficulties presented to those forced to breathe through a tracheostomy tube. All Trachie-O-Potamus wants is the opportunity to participate, to feel included and loved. That’s what every child wants. As well as teaching young readers about this condition, the author points out that there are ways to help those with different medical conditions feel loved and included and that it’s important to work together as a team. Told with care and compassion and with beautiful illustrations.”

Trachie-O-Potamus’s Big Race was written by Timothy Runyon. Timothy has a background in writing and is also a Speech-Language Pathologist with expertise in tracheostomy and mechanical ventilation. The main concept of the book that Tim would like to reach is to “always remember to work together and accept one another’s differences.”

The book is fun and loving. Trachie-O is loved by children of all ages. It is a rhyming children’s picture book with adorable illustrations. It is also our hope that this book provides a format to allow for a discussion surrounding tracheostomy and more understanding and inclusion.  Trachie loves to teach about tracheostomy!


Join us on a journey for Trachie-O-Potamus’s Big Race!  

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Product Details:

  • Publisher : Tracheostomy LLC 
  • Author: Timothy Runyon
  • Language : English
  • Hardcover : 42 pages
  • ISBN : 9781734898927
  • Item Weight : 1.25 pounds
  • Dimensions : 7.5 x 10.5 inches

3 reviews for Children’s Tracheostomy Book Hardcover | Trachie-O-Potamus’s Big Race

  1. Unknown Member

    I Love This Sweet Little Book! Having a Child With a Trach and finding Books For Children That promote inclusion are A Huge Deal For our family My Other Children are also loving reading it. Highly recommend for ones with and with out trachs.

  2. Unknown Member

    This is such a cute book! I have a 2 year old who has a trach and I thought it was so cool to have a book with a character that has a trach like him. Both my boys thought it was funny and enjoy when I read it to them! I think it’s a great way to help kids with trachs feel included but also to show others that it’s okay to be different and have a trach. Definitely recommend to everyone but especially families with trached kids.

  3. Unknown Member

    So adorable!! I love this book for my son. He loves reading it and asks for Trachie-O for his bedtime story.

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