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Basic Tracheostomy

Tracheostomy procedures, timing and benefits



A laryngectomy is very different from a tracheostomy procedure and is often confused which can lead to a preventable adverse event.

types of tracheostomy tubes

Tracheostomy Tubes

Components of a tracheostomy tube and differences including manufacturers, materials, and sizes.

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Complications of Tracheostomy

There are immediate and late complications that can occur from the procedure itself and post-operatively.

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Tracheostomy Care

Proper tracheostomy care to help keep our patients safe. Emergency supplies, suctioning, stoma care, hydration/humification, cuff management and more.

Communication Tracheostomy

Communication Options

Nonverbal and verbal communication options for patients with tracheostomy and mechanical ventilation.

swallowing management for tracheostomy

Swallowing Management

Individuals with tracheostomy and mechanical ventilation are a high risk population for aspiration and potential pneumonia.

tracheostomy cap


A multidisciplinary team approach is recommended for removal of the tracheostomy tube.

pediatric tracheostomy tube

PedIatric tracheostomy

Pediatric tracheostomy considerations including the procedure and types of tubes.

modes of mechanical ventilation

Mechanical Ventilation

Basic information regarding modes and terms of mechanical ventilation

Global Tracheostomy Tube Awareness Week

Global Tracheostomy Tube Awareness Week

Tracheostomy Tube Awareness Week is a campaign to spread awareness and education about tracheostomy.

Speech Therapy for Kids with Trachs

Speech Therapy for Kids with Trachs

Children with tracheostomy may have difficulty producing voicing. Here are speech therapy techniques and tools to help improve speech, voicing and airflow through the upper airway.

Laryngectomy and Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Laryngectomy and Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

It is important for individuals with laryngectomy to protect themselves from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

COVID-19 Tracheostomy and Mechanical Ventilation: Updated 5/17/2020

COVID-19 Tracheostomy and Mechanical Ventilation: Updated 5/17/2020

The 2019 novel corona virus COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an increase in patients intubated and use of mechanical ventilation. The United States and globally, we are likely to see an increase in tracheostomy as well, as patients may have difficulty weaning and require longer periods of time on a vent. COVID-19 also has implications for healthcare workers, as there are shortages with workers becoming ill from the virus. Infection control is paramount in controlling the outbreak and protecting patients, healthcare workers and the community

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