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The ClearView Tracheostomy Trainer is an interactive model that addresses the difficulties in understanding tracheostomy and revolutionizes tracheostomy education. This versatile tracheostomy trainer can demonstrate the functional interactions between the tracheostomy and the patient in various clinical scenarios to provide learners with confidence in tracheostomy management.  The transparent trachea/stoma can accommodate any brand of tracheostomy tube or endotracheal tube and visually demonstrates the function of the cuff including subglottic secretion aspiration. The lungs can also function to either replicate spontaneous breathing or inflate with positive pressure mechanical ventilation. Additionally, this product can demonstrate the application of a speaking valve with its built-in “voice box.” With the tracheostomy cuff deflated and the speaking valve attached, an auditory cue that simulates speech through the vocal cords will sound with exhalation. A removable chest plate allows direct visualization of the cuff and trachea interface. 

The Tracheostomy Simulation Manikin is available at the Tracheostomy Education Store with a free clinical scenario download. 

The founders of the Clearview Tracheostomy Simulation are Peter Peter Sandor MBS, MHS, RRT, PA-C, DFAAPA, FCCM and James Lunn MBA, MHS, RRT, PA-C, DFAAPA, FCCM.   Peter and James’ first exposure to a tracheostomy was in 1996 while they were completing their Bachelor’s Degree in Respiratory Care. It was here that they recognized the complexity of this simple plastic breathing tube and created the first rudimentary version of the Clearview Tracheostomy Trainer.  


rudimentary trach trainer
Rudimentary version of Clearview

While working as Respiratory Therapist at a large teaching institution, they worked daily with neonates and adults who had tracheostomies for various reasons. Through their experiences, they recognized the difficulties and challenges patients with tracheostomies dealt with on a regular basis. Eventually both James and Peter became Physician Assistants and since 2001, they have been working together in Surgical Critical Care.  Over the course of their career, they have performed well over 1000 percutaneous tracheostomy procedures.  With their previous background in Respiratory Care, they continued with their passion for better tracheostomy comprehension.  They routinely train healthcare providers and as a result, took their rudimentary device and self-funded the creation of the new and improved ClearView Tracheostomy Trainer.   

Why Did You Decide to Make the Clearview Tracheostomy Simulation Device?

Peter and James have first hand experience related to tracheostomy complications in home care, skilled nursing facilities and the acute care setting.  Additionally, studies have also shown that, up to 30% of hospitalized patients have safety accidents with 60-70% of these complications resulting in ICU readmissions, increased hospital length of stay, hypoxemic brain injury and death.1 Incorrect use of equipment, poor staff knowledge, and the lack of training were the leading causes of these adverse events.2 Recognizing these complications are happening at even the most advanced hospitals around the world resulting in patient harm was unacceptable to them.   Understanding the desperate need to improve patient safety through tracheostomy education, they began investigating the various airway simulation devices available at the time. None of these tracheostomy trainers were able show the functional interactions between the tracheostomy tube and the patient; the cause of so many complications. As a result, they redesigned the tracheostomy model they created into the new Clearview Tracheostomy Trainer. .

How is the Clearview Different Than Other Devices?

The Clearview Tracheostomy Trainer is the only model on the market that can demonstrate all the dynamic functional interactions between the endotracheal/tracheostomy tube and the patient in various clinical scenarios. The model includes an epiglottis, intubatable vocal cords with a functional “voice box”, 360-degree transparent trachea, stoma, bronchial bifurcation, and realistic functional lungs. The transparent trachea/stoma is replaceable and conversion to a pediatric trachea can be accomplished with the removal of a screw. The model can accommodate any brand of adult/pediatric size tracheostomy tube or endotracheal tube. The lungs can function as either spontaneous breathing or be attached to a ventilator to demonstrate positive pressure mechanical ventilation. The model can also clearly demonstrate the proper application of a speaking valve. With the tracheostomy cuff deflated and the speaking valve attached, the lungs can force air through the “voice box” to give an auditory cue simulating phonation. It also comes with a removable chest plate to either cover-up or allows direct visualization of the cuff and the trachea interface. 




Use of the Clearview for Education of Staff

The Clearview Tracheostomy Trainer is an ideal tool for training staff in tracheostomy related education.  Educators can demonstrate how to appropriately care for patients with tracheostomy.  Learners can then follow to demonstrate that they have learned the task.  Many facilities use tracheostomy simulation devices to sign off competencies for staff.  The Clearview Tracheostomy Simulation Device is used for education from Tracheostomy Education and available in our store!  We offer free zoom calls with purchase to help with education and to answer any questions.

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